Hunnestad Rune‑Stone I

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This partly damaged Rune-stone is the largest remaining megalith from the illustrious Hunnestad monument in Skåne, southern Scandinavia. Originally consisting of eight stones, as seen in a woodcut illustration from 1643, it was severely damaged in the late eighteenth century.

The stone contains a complete set of all sixteen Viking Futhark Runes, even though b, s and m have a rather provincial design. An arcane usage of an ą-Rune before s, alongside a rich display of diphthongs and a consistently correct utilization of the ending-ʀ-symbol, define it as a tenth century inscription.

It reads: Ąsbørn auk Tumi þaiʀ sautu stain þansi aftiʀ Roi auk Laikfrøþ sunu Guna handaʀ. Which translates ‘Ąsbørn and Tumi, they placed this stone after Roi and Laikfrødh, sons of Guna hand!’, or more elaborately ‘Æsir-bear and Tumi carved and erected this memorial-stone, honouring Roi and Game-joy! All being sons of the Battle-hand’s tribe!’ It also features an axe-wearing warrior, in a relaxed but ready posture.

A fine art pigment print Canson Edition Etching Rag 310 gsm, 50 x 70 cm (with shipping tube it weights 240 gsm).

Limited production of 100 signed and numbered deluxe impression prints.

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The author’s comments:

Finally I am realising an old and consistent desire of mine, producing high quality Runic connoisseur poster size art prints. I have selected the rarest and most remarkable illustrations by Magnus Petersen (1827–1917) in order to present the beauty of an authentic Viking age monument. His exquisite renderings of ancient Rune-stones, still preserved and visible in the rural Scandinavian nature of his era, are indeed a true labour of love as its detailed artwork reveals!

A nicely designed informative leaflet accompanies this large sized art-print, where the oldest seventeenth century woodcut illustration is also presented. The illustration of Magnus Petersen is provided from my own private collection and shared with you as an everlasting gift for generations to come!

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