About us

We deal exclusively with author/artist Lars Magnar Enoksen and his English books regarding Heathen Norse Traditions, mainly issued by Scandinavian Heritage Publications. These books are advanced reading material and not recommended for novices. However, if searching for first-rate information about Runes, Galdrs and Glima or further wisdom of the North, we might perhaps indulge your imagination?

In our unique selection there are no-nonsense expositions of native Rune Lore and its authentic teaching methods. The arcane art of Galdra-singing and its beneficial incantation structure are revealed through the mysteries of the Elder Edda. While genuine Pagan ceremonies are presented as described in medieval vellums of Nordic Provincial Law. Furthermore, the importance of physical awareness as taught by Glima-masters, provide a martial arts angle of our cultural heritage.

As a special treat, we also offer the long awaited Norse Sorcery Compendium by Tribal Wizardry Publications.