The Author

Lars Magnar Enoksen (b. 1960) of both Swedish (maternal) and Norwegian (paternal) heritage, has written thirty-two books regarding Runes, Galdrs, Glima, Norse Mythology and Viking History. Primarily published in English and Scandinavian tongues, but also translated into Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Czech languages.

Lars Magnar Enoksen

As a teenager in the late 1970s, Lars Magnar was a vintage punk rock era musician and by the age of twenty-three already busy writing for Walt Disney, with his comic book adventures released all over the world! This creative era spanned over several decades, and included illustrating many obscure graphic novels, which lead to the Swedish Academy of Comic Art awarding him the “Mini-Adamson” statuette in 1986 for his original creations used in advertising. In 1995 Lars Magnar began writing books about old Scandinavian traditions and “the Rune- stones of Scania” (Skånes runstenar), for which he was awarded best book of the year by the Native Heritage Association in 2000. 

Galdra-singing at a Heathen ceremony

Lars Magnar has a long and prolific fighting/wrestling (Glima) career that officially decorated him with “The symbol of maturity” (Stora grabbars märke) by the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation 2009 for his Worldclass Championships achievement, as well as becoming ‘traditional martial artist of the year’ in 2016, which cemented his Grandmaster status. Furthermore, as a renowned Nordic Galdra-singer, he had preformed live and on studio-recordings with internationally successful bands such as Wardruna (2013), Niundi (2020) and Bhleg (2022).

Glima training


2023: Liquid Of Love.
2023: The Seeds Of Seidr.
2021: Tribal Wisdom Of The North. Beyond the Runic myths.
2020: Nordic Noir Cartoon Show.
2018: Norse Sorcery Compendium. Galdr & Runes.
2016: Heathen Rites Of Ancient Nordic Chronicles.
2016: SwordBitch & CO.
2015: Runor. Mästarens handbok.
2014: Galdrs Of The Edda.
2013: Old Military rough’n’tumble. Scandinavian warrior wrestling.
2011: The History Of Runic Lore.
2010: The wisdom of the Vikings.
2010: The Viking Runes.
2010: The Viking Gods.
2010: Glima Fighting Techniques.
2010: Tävling, träning, tradition. Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet 50 år.
2008: The secret art of Glima. Introduction to Viking martial arts.
2008: Stora boken om vikingarnas gudar och myter.
2008: Lilla boken om runor.
2006: Djur och natur i fornnordisk mytologi.
2005: Gudar och gudinnor i Norden.
2004: Vikingarnas stridskonst.
2003: Vikingarnas egna ord.
2001: Odens korpar.
2001: Skånska fornminnen.
2000: Fornnordisk mytologi enligt Eddans lärdomsdikter.
1999: Skånska runstenar.
1998: Runor. Historia, tydning, tolkning.
1995: Lilla runboken. Introduktion till vikingatidens runor.
1994: Nattens drottning.
1989: Starkaters sista nidingsdåd.
1988: Ärans blod.