SwordBitch 1-3

300 Swedish kronor

A Scandinavian Heritage Publications’ production:

Any resemblance to life or real people is purely intentional!!

We sincerely recommend that the SwordBitch should be avoided by the meek-minded and those without humour…

These art-prints are personally signed by Lars Magnar Enoksen.

(3 Art-prints. Thick A4 page, 21.0 x 29.7 cm and 29 gr.)

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The artist’s comments:

SwordBitch is a rude character I created for my own pleasure and amusement. Over the years, she amazingly achieved a cult following on social media from those who could relate to her personality. Now the demand for her cartoon-prints has become a reality.

As everybody knows, all your wishes are mine to fulfill. However, never present a similar request to the SwordBitch!!

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