Norse Sorcery Compendium: Galdr & Runes (ebook)

200 Swedish kronor

Tribal Wizardry Publications’ back-cover text

At last! The long awaited compendium of authentic Norse wizardry is finally made public. After three decades of intense practical experience, the prolific Rune master Lars Magnar Enoksen reveals the tribal witchcraft methods of native Scandinavia.

Exposing the inner core of runaʀ (‘mysterious secret/wisdom/ability’) and galdʀ (‘oral incantation’) with in-depth clarifications. Through more than sixty (60!) initiations, you are invited to the fiölkyngi (‘excessive wisdom’) that awaits your invocation.

Without doubt, these guidelines will obliterate many false conceptions and inconsistencies about primeval Nordic sorcery. Yes! Never before has the arcane laws of enhancing life to Galdrs and Runes been elucidated as candidly as now.

Aimed at spiritually enlightened individuals craving the utmost level of practical tutoring. Definitely a mind blowing experience, learning ancient Galdra singing with sacred rhyming and how to benefit from occult Runic dylgjur (‘dark/obscured implications’).

These essential abilities evolve into a complete mastery of perceptible or concealed witchery conjurations. As well as receiving fundamental tools to construct any Rune you desire.

An amazing treasure, the knowledge that endures! For us to devour and enjoy.

(Ebook in PDF format, 40 pages, 1.6 MB)

You may also be interested in the print version!

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The author’s comments:

This compilation is a result of explicit requests, asking: “Why don’t you create a book purely for magical usage”? Indeed I thought, a hands on manual was certainly lacking in my bibliography! The more I thought about this, the more I liked it. Consequently, a collection full of valuable examples was eagerly produced.

I can truly claim that this is an unsurpassed compendium regarding the magical performance of Runes and Galdrs. Yet, as always, only your curiosity will reveal if my words hold true or not.