Liquid Of Love

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Scandinavian Heritage Publications’ back-cover presentation:

Purposely, the back-cover presentation of this thought-provoking graphic novel is simply a full-page illustration of all its major characters, as the storyline is too spectacular to be revealed beforehand!

(Soft-bound copy. 48 pages, 15.1 x 22.7 cm and 165 gr.)

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The author’s comments:

I can honestly state that few have encountered as evocative a story as “Liquid Of Love”. It opens like a traditional story, yet quickly takes a surprisingly unexpected turn. Then you are in for an astounding treat while following jealous swordsmen and desirable maidens, as they lead you into a world populated by a depraved jester-king and a princess preferring huge reptiles.

Creating a book like this was a true labour of love, especially since its main theme is passionate interactions in numerous shapes and forms. Sure! Some encounters might be weird or even perverted, but they are always acts of love for those involved.

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