Tribal Wisdom Of The North

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If authentic Rune-craft was a regular commodity, there would be little use for a publication like this. However, due to the surprisingly weak and often fraudulent Runic presentations flooding our current book market, a true effort must be made to unveil real ancestral wisdom.

Sure! Despite all the inauthentic contemporary recreations, our genuine Rune traditions are still alive and flourishing. They have been upheld by tribal teachings and remarkable pathfinders that can be sufficiently traced throughout the ages. This book exposes how our Nordic symbols are used by those who actually master them.

It is virtually impossible to comprehend Runes if not acknowledging their dynamic evolution, since some characters made drastic changes in shape and sound, while others maintained their appearance and meaning during all its epochs. These essential aspects must be nourished and understood if striving for a true initiation!

‘Tribal Wisdom Of The North’ presents our genuine Runic legacy with in-depth explanations and original code key illustrations created by the ancient masters themselves. This is Lars Magnar Enoksen’s twenty-sixth (26th) book about Scandinavian heathenry and certainly the most ground-breaking to date.

Hard-bound deluxe copy. 80 pages, 21.6 x 25.6 cm and 584 gr.

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The author’s comments:

Many have requested that I explain the most relevant aspects of Rune-lore, much of which is either absent or grossly distorted in modern literature. Sure! Why not? Our genuine Runic evolution and its living traditions are lacking in superficial contemporary presentations.

As a result, this source-book is as a truly unique reference to be enjoyed and devoured by apprentice and connoisseur alike. It has been an interesting and tremendously fulfilling journey to provide true tribal initiation to you all!

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