The Seeds of Seidr

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Scandinavian Heritage Publications’ back-cover presentation:

Nordic martial arts (Glima) expert and Runologist, Lars Magnar Enoksen, returns to his artistic and cultural roots with an exciting graphic novel about the trials and tribulations of a Seidr-witch and her young heir.

A tale about fate-deciding Nornir and their inquisitive crow-Fylgjur inhabiting dangerous realms, where treason constantly lurks nearby and Draugar-necromancy is as common as deceptive-Runes and Galdrs.

In this world, foes appear as friends and cunning survival skills are ideal luggage on a journey. Sure! Never before has the lustful rituals of Viking witchery been so vividly told as in the action-packed adventure of “The Seeds Of Seidr”.

(Hard-bound deluxe copy. 56 pages, 21,6 x 25.6 cm and 483 gr. Limited first edition, signed & numbered)

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The author’s comments:

I was inspired to use my creative expression to present the old Scandinavian culture and its deep-rooted sorcery traditions! The result which is a depiction described not only through poetic words, but with native woodcut-style illustrations as well.

This thought-provoking graphic novel invites you to a world inaccessible except to the very few, as its unabashedly erotic and necromantic content is solely aimed at true connoisseurs of authentic Heathery!