The History Of Runic Lore (ebook)

200 Swedish kronor

Scandinavian Heritage Publications’ back-cover presentation:

Finally, there is an honest and trustworthy presentation that explains the Runes and how we know their meaning. The History Of Runic Lore reveals the foundations needed to understand these enigmatic characters. If you are looking to distinguish fact from fiction, then this is the book to read!

Swedish Runologist Lars Magnar Enoksen gives a no nonsense survey of the source material at our disposal. The sheer density of Runic information within these pages is almost overwhelming and will inspire you to master the ancient signs.

(Ebook in PDF format, 72 pages, 1.6 MB)

You may also be interested in the print version!

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The author’s comments:

This book I felt the utmost need to write! Being amazed at the immense amount of inconsistencies existing within modern Rune lore, mainly through limited access to old authentic sources. Thus I present an in-depth survey of all wisdom required to decipher the enigmatic sign when used as archetypal symbols, as compared to their more common usage as sound-imitating letters.

Furthermore, it explains why and how the currently cherished Elder Futhark expressions are purely fictional, while clarifying their late 19th century methods of re-creation. If tolerating indecorous Runic traditions, please ignore this volume!