Old Military rough’­n’­tumble: Scandinavian warrior wrestling

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Scandinavian Heritage Publications’ back-cover presentation:

For the first time ever; the complete system of warrior wrestling is presented to an international audience. Old rough’n’tumble is a devastating fight style practiced by Scandinavian soldiers. This book contains indepth descriptions of all major techniques and their combat applications. Hundred instructive action photos illustrate how it is performed by native Glima champions.

The main sources of rough’n’tumble are found in the Nordic National Archives connected with grandmaster Per Henrik Ling’s (1776–1839) early 19th century martial arts achievements. There are 38 fight situations preserved to posterity; defensive reactions instantly turning offensive by vicious counter attacks and shattering takedowns. All techniques are executed in the living tradition of Combat Glima and clarified 18th century explanations.

As additional material, the oldest Norse warrior manual from 13th century will be used as an inspiration to those who keep the Viking spirit alive!

(Soft-bound copy. 80 pages, 15.1 x 22.9 cm and 173 gr.)

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The author’s comments:

Perhaps the nerdiest book I have written, since it mainly regards Glima practitioners, and others with an assorted taste for unarmed Viking martial arts. Produced exclusively for the bicentennial celebration of our Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics, founded by Mr. Ling and still renowned as the oldest existing University of its kind.

As a slight curiosity, my initiation to the art of Galdrs came through Glima-wrestling. Being an integrated part of its master level performance.

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